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 Over The Counter Products
Therapeutic Category Product
Silapap Liquid
Infants Silapap Oral Drops
Antihistaminic for Hives Relief  
Loratadine Oral Solution
Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution
Silafed Syrup
Siladryl SA
Silphen Cough Syrup
Silphen-DM Cough Syrup
Brotapp Liquid
Brotapp PE Liquid
Brotapp DM Cold & Cough Liquid
Brotapp PE-DM Cough and Cold Liquid
Siltussin SA Syrup
Siltussin DM Cough Syrup
Childrens Silfedrine Liquid
Pediatric Cough & Cold Medicine
Stool Softener
Silace Liquid
Silace Syrup
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